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In November 1999, a young woman named Ana got lost near a forest in the mountains. Her whereabouts are unknown to this day. The police searched for her for many years indicating that she may have suffered an accident, likewise other indications indicate that she was murdered and that her body was hidden in the forest. However, locals speculate that her disappearance may be related to strange lights seen in the forest and in the night sky.

"Take the role of Ana to discover her whereabouts"

Gloomy atmosphere
Inspired by the genre of Found Footage

The sounds and the environment take a main role generating fear in the player


It is played in first person

Visual style very reminiscent of the 90's
TV series about aliens
Visual art filmed like on VHS

Release Date


Platforms Available

MAC, Windows,
Steam Deck


Psychological horror,
Drama, Mystery, Aliens

Supported Languages

English (Soon more Languages)

The game is still in development and we hope to release it in 2023 on Steam and later on mobile and consoles.

Launch Trailer  Demo Pre Alpha Version

Update December 2022

Play Video

Development Diary 

We tell you a little more in detail about the characteristics of the game and the stage of development (Audio Spanish with Subtitles English)

Download Pre Alpha Demo

Demo available on itch.io and Steam for PC and Mac.

Minimum  Requirements           
 * RAM: 6GB                 
                      * GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
           * Processor: Intel Core Duo

Vlog: Stay With Me! Alien Abduction Story on GDC 2022 San Francisco

Gameplay VR
Version Mobile 

First 10 minutes of the VR version, it allows us to know how the game works in VR, its mechanics and movement by raising the feet

(Unpublished version, it is a proof of concept, this version was developed for iOS but was cancelled)

VIDEO 360° Stand Virtual TGS2021

Presentation of all the content brought to the Tokyo Game Show 2021
(You can play the content in VR from your mobile or compatible VR Headset)

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Quinta de Tilcoco 
Región de O'Higgins, Chile


Email: Contact
Phone: +56 (0) 000 0000 001